Tuesday, June 11, 2013

ZEALE ft Patricia Lynn - Hope Dies [VIDEO]

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Fresh off of a national tour with AWOL Nation and Imagine Dragons, ZEALE aka Zeale Rapz has been one of Austin's most well known hip hop - indie emcees. From his famous battle rap skills and taking it to the the finals of the World Rap Championship Battles back in 2007 Zeale has been killing it since the early days! An inspirations to many early emcess, he keeps on raising the bar for himself and diversifying his music. Zeale's mixtapes range from Haterz & Robotz hosted by Rapid Ric to his current EP, Wake Hell or Make Peace.

This video features the amazing vocals from Patricia Lynn and is regularly featured on Austin's number one alternative station 101X. I've been jamming this song for a while but decided to feature my boy Zeale today. His hard work has been paying off and we look forward to what is coming next! 

Check out his website for more tunes